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Matty Healy (via 1975blog)

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…you can judge and you can make fun of things that people do, but when you start judging what people ARE, that really, really hurts. This band is who I am. It’s not just something I’m doing. It’s not some frivolous activity. It is the definition of my personality.

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I get lost in people’s faces, in the kids who are crying. It’s very seldom I don’t jump down after a song to hug a kid who’s crying, because it means so much to me – it’s not about your experience, it’s about their experience. And I understand the sense of connection fans get when I interact with them at a show.


Matty working on some songs

Video from James Booth

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If a piece of music doesn’t take you somewhere immediately, it’s simply just going to be lost on you

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I’m not the one you miss.

Raise your hand if you’re too excited for the Heart Out music video!

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Ross MacDonald throws a ball
Toss MacDonald

Ross MacDonald likes dental hygiene.
Floss MacDonald.

Ross Macdonald gets mad
Cross Macdonald

Ross MacDonald gets a promotion 
Boss Macdonald

Matty Healy talking about the song Antichrist (via rnatty)

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I envy the faithfull. That’s what the line is: “Criminals and liars keep them in your cells as a privilige of mine”. You know if you’re in a Brasilian jail and you say Jesus Christ is all I’ve got, you can have him, because I’m privileged not to need faith. I don’t need faith, so I do feel privileged in the fact that I’ve managed to find my salvation through love, relationships, humanity and the understanding of silence. But alot of people don’t have those opportunities, they don’t have the opportunities to grow like that.


do you know how many lives Matty has saved and helped?? You ignorant people, telling someone to kill themselves should never be the answer.

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