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Living to the soundtrack of
The 1975♥


Remember when Matty was bored during rehearsal and started to play the saxophone?

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Taken from a live show… honestly breaks my heart everytime I watch this :(

still in love with this.


At the show tonight Matty dedicated a song to a fan who committed suicide and he cried while reading the email onstage. There’s something really special about this band.

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RIP <3





Manchester Apollo - Night 2 Soundcheck

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Does anyone have the link to the directors cut of robbers? I cant find it again… ill love you forever if you do xx

Anonymous asked: Do you know if George's reaction in the girls video clip when the model sits on him is scripted or real ? xx


im pretty sure its real x


INTERVIEWER: Your next EP is titled IV; is it supposed to represent the number “4” or “intravenous?”

HEALY: It is. It’s “IV,” but we wanted to have the two words represent “intravenous.” It seemed like an apt title. I don’t know. I think I have an obsession with love, drugs, and the balance between the two: the consequential dynamic of trying to have a relationship because of it. It definitely alludes to that


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Im so happy because matty is in a couple of ads for a music channel over here and everytime I hear him speak I freak a little inside. And a couple days ago I heard chocolate on the radio for the first time! So proud that theyre finally making it here :D

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