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Living to the soundtrack of
The 1975♥

The 1975 during interviews


Matty: Talks to the point where I forget the question and start to question my own life.

George: Answers the question all chill, makes it funny and laughs

Ross: Answers the question if its interesting enough, gets excited if its anything about a festival

Adam: Smiles cutely and plays with his guitar or hands

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I accidentally opened two tabs and these songs were playing at the same time and they sounded so perfect together I just about passed out and died. 


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Yay so its my birthday (as of 10 minutes ago) which means its only a week until I see the boys again :D :D




I’m so torn between wanting to be all cute and wear pastel pink all the time or wearing leather jackets and not brushing my hair.

i reckon matty healy’s got the exact same problem

i reckon matty healy wrote this

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